Thursday, January 19, 2012

West Central Teen Lock In 2012

Last weekend we went to the West Central District Teen Lock In. Wilkes County took 10 youth on the trip!  Let me tell you, it was COLD. Really cold. In the rush that we were, we forgot our sweatshirts... but thanks to Addison we didn't freeze!
One thing that Wilkes County is good for is our car rides! Somehow they always end up being memorable and fun, totally goofy and full of laughter. We went to FireHouse Subs to eat dinner and what we found was jaw dropping. They had a soda machine with 120 different flavors! I suggest that everyone go there and try it... Soon! The first thing we did when we got there was help set up. Then there were hugs and lots of talking, and Some people who didn't wanna give a hug but ended up being hugged. :P It was great getting to see old friends again and meeting new ones. 4-H is about building yourself up so we had some great workshops prepared. I chose drama and working on my cumulative record. I got to know Ruth a bit better and she was a huge help! The drama class was a great opportunity to learn about some people's personalities. I had to act like I was separating two guys from fighting. It looked pretty funny I have to admit.  After the workshops it was off to bowling at Bo's!! Sooo much fun! A ton happened there. My bowling score was terrible but that's because I had a great team playing against me. It was me, Anna, Natasha, Addison, and Angel. Hopefully I did better at Laser Tag. The hours at Bo's were awesome and I loved it. Between Natasha's and my own escapades the night kept on rolling with jokes and laughter!  Afterwards we went back to the 4-H office of Caldwell county and that's when the best parts of the night started. Ninja was started in small circles everywhere, then in a really big circle. Anna and Guy made it down to the final two.... again. Anyone up for a game of Mafia? The host for our game was non other than Wyatt. That game was somethin else, and yes, I did get killed off. I wonder who did it. =P
I wanna say a special congratulations to Guy Perkins, he pulled a great first all nighter! Joseph, we've got a few more years to work on you yet, so don't think that you won't have one either. I loved when we were playing the mind games and the ones that you had to figure out the secret. Dallas and Kristen were teaching us all, that had to be funny. Ha ha ha thanks Ethan and Guy who helped me to get the tricks, I know I'm horrible at things like that but yall were the best! Addison was too funny staying up for us. And Natasha it was hilarious to see you trying your best with my hair that really ended up looking like a tornado went through it anyways! Now, now, let's not forget to mention planning the wedding. I'm lookin forward to seeing all yall there.
That night was so amazing and I loved all the awesome people who were apart of it! It's astounding how many memories a person can make within 24 hours. But you know what, non of those memories mean anything without the people to share them with. Inside jokes aren't silly and special without the ones who share it with you, and I am thanking God every moment for all the feelings he gives to us. It's wonderful to know that I've made new friends and made old friendships even stronger!
Addison trying out the horse shoe ring thing on the rid up there, yeah I think everyone could do that except me. I even tried to be calm and nice with it!
Mrs. Jamie picking her flavor from the 120 kinds.

Anna acting out in the drama class with Wyatt.

Yeaaah, Wyatt was such a great Actor! =P

Angel bowlin at Bo's in the VIP lanes, good goin!

Hey! Look! I'm gonna get a Strike! 

You can't see it but I totally lost the ball on the back swing in this pic! Ha ha ha at least I got all the people behind me out in one strike! Oops. 

Addison after bowling, very happy after winning the game! Guy getting set up to bowl a strike!
                            And the face~off starts! Wyatt and AV gettin crazy with the air hockey!
                                                                      AV about to dual with Guy, yeah with his long arms you had better get two hands in there! 
   The wonderful West Central District VP, Cody and behind him, the One and Only Wyatt =P
Natasha, I Love You! I Love Sharpies Too!

Guy and Cody with Noah in the background.

Here is the planning team for the wedding, hahaha it is gonna be somethin else! Natasha, Anna, Wyatt, Jarrett, Cody, Noah, Guy and Ethan.... It was great getting to know the new members of the group!
Wyatt on the floor, is the rest of his county beating him up?! No way.... well Ethan's foot is stepping on you. 

And there is good ol' Mr. Nelson! "Wyatt, what are you doing? Get up off the floor."

The Beautiful Natasha and Anna, havin some fun!
Wyatt was bowling with a big grin. 

 Guy trading in his boots for some bowlin shoes with Cody. Joseph and Ethan also changing from boots to     bowling shoes.

Angel and Natasha were VIPs on our team!

 The things that happen during Laser Tag! We Rock! Alyse, Addison, Anna, Me, Natasha, and Angel.

 Who doesn't love Air Hockey?! Everyone watches as Anna plays against Guy. Guy was very good at this game, but as it turns out Anna won.
 Guy and Joseph played a round with Ruth pulling for Joseph =P


                     Wyatt is really.... Super Wyatt!

                          Don't we look stunning after a night without sleep?? Yeah, we thought so too.
Ninja! Strike a pose! Joseph and Anna with Allie

Looks like tough competition!

Down to the final two, Joseph and Allie.......

Don't you love to watch a little sibling rivalry?

Guy and Joseph up top ~ brothers and Anna and Alyse on bottom~ sisters. 

            Guy and Anna have been known to come down to the bottom two quite a few times now =)
Guy and Ann Marie playing Mafia....loving the feather Guy!

Thanks to Ruth and all the pics she contributed! Sorry some of them aren't in order, but the good thing is that they are all there. Blogging is like everything else, it takes practice! Here's to another great year with all our 4-H family! Love you All! 

Gabby & Anna 

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