Friday, January 13, 2012

Early Excitement...

   Woke up this morning, and realized, it is to early to get up... and be able to stay awake the entire night. Did we go back to sleep? Of course not! We were excited, and had to get ready to go. Though most of the packing was done last night, there were still a few things to get together, including self, and we had to leave the house around 7:30. Mom was not coming to town today, so we went with dad and he dropped us off at the 4-H Office, and we have been here since. It doesn't bother me at all. We love coming in and hanging out, as well as helping sort, clean and file away:) We are pretty well known around the office.
   So, your thinking, what is this wacky lady talking about?! Tonight Wilkes County is taking 11 youth to the West Central District 4-H Lock-In. Yes, that huge introduction of useless rambling for that. All packed and ready to leave at 5:00. Well, we thought we were anyways. We get to the office and realize, it's COLD! And we forgot to bring our hoodies. Terrific, right? Well, Addison is coming to our rescue with extra sweatshirts! Gotta get bundled up for bowling, movies, cards and service project tonight.
   Hopefully some food and the great company will keep us awake. 

Anna & Gabby 

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