Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scientifically Challenged

   Our family is multiple things, large in size (9 all together), different, and maybe crazy. But one thing we are not, is scientific! But you know the funny thing? We completed 4 science projects and competed in the West Central District 4-H Science Fair. Our brothers and our sister had their own projects ranging from lemon and potato energy to solar powered water heater. Us on the other hand... decided to go in it together. Do we regret it? No. Did we have our difficulties? YES! I think we quit on each other around 3 times, but it was all worth it. We made 2 solar powered hot dog cookers. One with solar cells, and the other with foil. We were able to use each other's strong points to get the job done. Gabby and her writings and data, and me and my nifty little creativeness, graphs, tri-board and log book.
   I think we did perty good if I do say so myself! we took home 3 first placers and 1 second place. Gabby and I placed first... and are hoping to go to electric congress. Crossing Our Fingers! But we had amazing competition. Congrats to Sophie and Trevor, who did a great job following through with the Wired for Wind study!
With our station. Don't you love the stylish sun? 
Being awarded by Mrs. Ashley Lee
 Let loose! The long day is over.
Gabby, Alyse, Me, Malachi, Lucca, and Judy West. Our encouraging Extension and FCS Agent.

So... what did we do with the money? Well, spent it all that day. We rode up to Mount Airy and made a down payment on a Jersey cow, Rosemary, we are hoping to milk, once she has her calf. "The Sister's Recipe," our other blog, will soon have ways to make butter and cheese.

Anna & Gabby

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