Sunday, November 18, 2012

KY & Chickens

Anna and I just took an amazing trip to Kentucky! We competed,this summer, in some presentations that had to do with winning this trip to Kentucky. Anna placed 1st on her egg cookery presentation at state level and won the trip. I was on an avian quiz bowl team with two other teens and we competed on the national level this past week. 
It was an awesome trip alltogether, from the 9 hour car ride up there, through the week and of course all the way back. Mrs. April and Mrs. Kathy were the leaders for the week and they did a great job, we were where we needed to be, had plenty to eat, and we were prepared for our competitions. The NC avian team were Nathanael, Emma and I. Anna did her egg cookery presentation, and Joseph competed in chicken BBQ with a presentation. 
Neither of us had been or stayed that far from home before and it was exciting but there were many calls to home throughout the week. It was a total of 4 days, with 2 days travel and 2 days conference. It's all with 
4-H and it's called the National Egg and Poultry Conference. At the same time up there in KY there was the western expo thing and that was awesome too! 
There were any people who helped us get to this trip and we really want to thank them all! Anna placed 6th in the nation, my team placed 7th in the nation, and Joseph placed 5th in the nation. So here are some photos from the trip!!

 The Expo Center

 Joseph looking for another hat

 Nathanael, Me, Emma

 Emma's first pair of boots
 okay, this part was so cool! All these pens are goats and sheep and it seems to go on for a mile! 

 a national sheep show

 Okay, these ducklings were so entertaining! they were just so adorable the guys loved em as much as we did

       Nathanael                                                                               Joseph

 Nathanael was a little tired seeing as we'd spent a good while the night before talking
 Church Hill Downs

 This racing was Mrs. Kathy's Deal! She loved it all and we were running to make sure we didn't miss the race. Yup, we got to see a real race. 

 N.T.W. no other words! Love him! 

 Louisville Slugger Factory

 Town of Louisville

 Anna, right before her presentation! 

 The team in their shirts, I'm the photographer though so we don't have a real team photo. 
 This is the banquet, where we found out our placing and got to get all dressed up. 

 This is after the banquet, we went to visit the goats in all our nice dressyness. 

 The drive home! 

 Nathanael was the music man on the way home and there.

So I wanted there to be more pictures of competitions and things like that but apparently photos ain't allowed on a national level like that. So as one could imagine, I was upset about that. But I lived, and those are the photos we got, next year I'll do even better knowing what to expect. 

Gabby .V.