Monday, November 5, 2012


Poultry Summer Science Institute... it was amazing! I ate good food, had beyond great instructors and classes, amazing free time and met wonderful people. It was a time we could learn, have fun, and soak in the summer. When we got there it was neat to see the wide variety of people there. From my own county, to Peurto Rico! Every minute we spent together, we become more and more like a family. We lived, ate and made memories with each other that I know will stick with us for a while. 
Ms. Debbie... what can we say. You were the best we could ask for. You were so much fun and very understanding. But at the same time, you looked after us and made sure we had a great week! I enjoyed getting to know you and am glad you were in charge this year.
Luke, thank you for being our personal alarm clock even though the lights in the hallway were as bright as the sun. Rosa, you were an amazing pool player. To the guys, thanks for sticking it out while we learned how to play pool. Cole and Taylor- yall were a trip the entire time!! To all the girls- yall were so sweet. Special thanks to Luke's parents who toerated all of our talking on the way home until we all fell asleep. 
So now... here are some great pictures of our Familia we got from the week... along with some captions :)

Disecting a chicken... and some eggs


Everybody loving the boxes of baby chicks

             Aww Gabe, your little baby.


one leg after the other

a sea of white jumpsuits!! 

              Smurf feet.

At the hatchery....

Processing set up and demonstration

Turkey House

It was so hot!!

Lina telling a story to Rebecca and Ashley

Me, Luke, Cole, and Kelly Grace.

Ms. Debbie, the turkey wrangler

Great teacher she is! :)


We met some really awesome people from France who played.

                                                                      Boys, lets get a move on. 

Waiting to see if it made it.

I think Cole is giving Luke some instructions here. hmmm
At the feed mill

Vet school


Petting the "dog" silly girls!! 

Rebecca... observing the awesomeness. 

Peurto Rico group, yall were great! So sweet and fun. Hemi,  Rosa, Monica, Gilberto, and Andy. 

Gabby, Me, and Luke

Good ol Gabe. You offered many laughs that week! 


Yes, even a night spent in the hallway

Hao-Ann and Lina

Andy, hanging out from his room

sleeping? nope!

Learning all about comedy and how to type on a touch screen, the right way.

Andy finally came out.

Hitting the Dusty Trail

Ohhh obviously it's Kelly Grace


bein silly.

Gabby, Andy and I

Me, Ms. Debbie, and Gabby

Adios :)


Everyone was so great!! Our little family. 

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