Thursday, January 19, 2012

West Central Teen Lock In 2012

Last weekend we went to the West Central District Teen Lock In. Wilkes County took 10 youth on the trip!  Let me tell you, it was COLD. Really cold. In the rush that we were, we forgot our sweatshirts... but thanks to Addison we didn't freeze!
One thing that Wilkes County is good for is our car rides! Somehow they always end up being memorable and fun, totally goofy and full of laughter. We went to FireHouse Subs to eat dinner and what we found was jaw dropping. They had a soda machine with 120 different flavors! I suggest that everyone go there and try it... Soon! The first thing we did when we got there was help set up. Then there were hugs and lots of talking, and Some people who didn't wanna give a hug but ended up being hugged. :P It was great getting to see old friends again and meeting new ones. 4-H is about building yourself up so we had some great workshops prepared. I chose drama and working on my cumulative record. I got to know Ruth a bit better and she was a huge help! The drama class was a great opportunity to learn about some people's personalities. I had to act like I was separating two guys from fighting. It looked pretty funny I have to admit.  After the workshops it was off to bowling at Bo's!! Sooo much fun! A ton happened there. My bowling score was terrible but that's because I had a great team playing against me. It was me, Anna, Natasha, Addison, and Angel. Hopefully I did better at Laser Tag. The hours at Bo's were awesome and I loved it. Between Natasha's and my own escapades the night kept on rolling with jokes and laughter!  Afterwards we went back to the 4-H office of Caldwell county and that's when the best parts of the night started. Ninja was started in small circles everywhere, then in a really big circle. Anna and Guy made it down to the final two.... again. Anyone up for a game of Mafia? The host for our game was non other than Wyatt. That game was somethin else, and yes, I did get killed off. I wonder who did it. =P
I wanna say a special congratulations to Guy Perkins, he pulled a great first all nighter! Joseph, we've got a few more years to work on you yet, so don't think that you won't have one either. I loved when we were playing the mind games and the ones that you had to figure out the secret. Dallas and Kristen were teaching us all, that had to be funny. Ha ha ha thanks Ethan and Guy who helped me to get the tricks, I know I'm horrible at things like that but yall were the best! Addison was too funny staying up for us. And Natasha it was hilarious to see you trying your best with my hair that really ended up looking like a tornado went through it anyways! Now, now, let's not forget to mention planning the wedding. I'm lookin forward to seeing all yall there.
That night was so amazing and I loved all the awesome people who were apart of it! It's astounding how many memories a person can make within 24 hours. But you know what, non of those memories mean anything without the people to share them with. Inside jokes aren't silly and special without the ones who share it with you, and I am thanking God every moment for all the feelings he gives to us. It's wonderful to know that I've made new friends and made old friendships even stronger!
Addison trying out the horse shoe ring thing on the rid up there, yeah I think everyone could do that except me. I even tried to be calm and nice with it!
Mrs. Jamie picking her flavor from the 120 kinds.

Anna acting out in the drama class with Wyatt.

Yeaaah, Wyatt was such a great Actor! =P

Angel bowlin at Bo's in the VIP lanes, good goin!

Hey! Look! I'm gonna get a Strike! 

You can't see it but I totally lost the ball on the back swing in this pic! Ha ha ha at least I got all the people behind me out in one strike! Oops. 

Addison after bowling, very happy after winning the game! Guy getting set up to bowl a strike!
                            And the face~off starts! Wyatt and AV gettin crazy with the air hockey!
                                                                      AV about to dual with Guy, yeah with his long arms you had better get two hands in there! 
   The wonderful West Central District VP, Cody and behind him, the One and Only Wyatt =P
Natasha, I Love You! I Love Sharpies Too!

Guy and Cody with Noah in the background.

Here is the planning team for the wedding, hahaha it is gonna be somethin else! Natasha, Anna, Wyatt, Jarrett, Cody, Noah, Guy and Ethan.... It was great getting to know the new members of the group!
Wyatt on the floor, is the rest of his county beating him up?! No way.... well Ethan's foot is stepping on you. 

And there is good ol' Mr. Nelson! "Wyatt, what are you doing? Get up off the floor."

The Beautiful Natasha and Anna, havin some fun!
Wyatt was bowling with a big grin. 

 Guy trading in his boots for some bowlin shoes with Cody. Joseph and Ethan also changing from boots to     bowling shoes.

Angel and Natasha were VIPs on our team!

 The things that happen during Laser Tag! We Rock! Alyse, Addison, Anna, Me, Natasha, and Angel.

 Who doesn't love Air Hockey?! Everyone watches as Anna plays against Guy. Guy was very good at this game, but as it turns out Anna won.
 Guy and Joseph played a round with Ruth pulling for Joseph =P


                     Wyatt is really.... Super Wyatt!

                          Don't we look stunning after a night without sleep?? Yeah, we thought so too.
Ninja! Strike a pose! Joseph and Anna with Allie

Looks like tough competition!

Down to the final two, Joseph and Allie.......

Don't you love to watch a little sibling rivalry?

Guy and Joseph up top ~ brothers and Anna and Alyse on bottom~ sisters. 

            Guy and Anna have been known to come down to the bottom two quite a few times now =)
Guy and Ann Marie playing Mafia....loving the feather Guy!

Thanks to Ruth and all the pics she contributed! Sorry some of them aren't in order, but the good thing is that they are all there. Blogging is like everything else, it takes practice! Here's to another great year with all our 4-H family! Love you All! 

Gabby & Anna 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Early Excitement...

   Woke up this morning, and realized, it is to early to get up... and be able to stay awake the entire night. Did we go back to sleep? Of course not! We were excited, and had to get ready to go. Though most of the packing was done last night, there were still a few things to get together, including self, and we had to leave the house around 7:30. Mom was not coming to town today, so we went with dad and he dropped us off at the 4-H Office, and we have been here since. It doesn't bother me at all. We love coming in and hanging out, as well as helping sort, clean and file away:) We are pretty well known around the office.
   So, your thinking, what is this wacky lady talking about?! Tonight Wilkes County is taking 11 youth to the West Central District 4-H Lock-In. Yes, that huge introduction of useless rambling for that. All packed and ready to leave at 5:00. Well, we thought we were anyways. We get to the office and realize, it's COLD! And we forgot to bring our hoodies. Terrific, right? Well, Addison is coming to our rescue with extra sweatshirts! Gotta get bundled up for bowling, movies, cards and service project tonight.
   Hopefully some food and the great company will keep us awake. 

Anna & Gabby 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scientifically Challenged

   Our family is multiple things, large in size (9 all together), different, and maybe crazy. But one thing we are not, is scientific! But you know the funny thing? We completed 4 science projects and competed in the West Central District 4-H Science Fair. Our brothers and our sister had their own projects ranging from lemon and potato energy to solar powered water heater. Us on the other hand... decided to go in it together. Do we regret it? No. Did we have our difficulties? YES! I think we quit on each other around 3 times, but it was all worth it. We made 2 solar powered hot dog cookers. One with solar cells, and the other with foil. We were able to use each other's strong points to get the job done. Gabby and her writings and data, and me and my nifty little creativeness, graphs, tri-board and log book.
   I think we did perty good if I do say so myself! we took home 3 first placers and 1 second place. Gabby and I placed first... and are hoping to go to electric congress. Crossing Our Fingers! But we had amazing competition. Congrats to Sophie and Trevor, who did a great job following through with the Wired for Wind study!
With our station. Don't you love the stylish sun? 
Being awarded by Mrs. Ashley Lee
 Let loose! The long day is over.
Gabby, Alyse, Me, Malachi, Lucca, and Judy West. Our encouraging Extension and FCS Agent.

So... what did we do with the money? Well, spent it all that day. We rode up to Mount Airy and made a down payment on a Jersey cow, Rosemary, we are hoping to milk, once she has her calf. "The Sister's Recipe," our other blog, will soon have ways to make butter and cheese.

Anna & Gabby

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marked Green

     2011 was an amazing year for us and 4-H together! It was a great year we had to gain friendships, make new ones, and do so much in leadership and community service than ever before. It was a year of trying new things, changing old ways, showing people and helping them through the neat tricks and opportunities we know of, and gaining knowledge of everything

"The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years, 
but the one with the richest experiences."   
-Jean Jacques Rousseau

Let's start from the beginning of 2011...
 Dallas and Anna
Volunteering at a soup kitchen for Hungry to Help (Ethel and Lucy)
Bowling in Catawba County! Gabby, Angel and Anna
 Dallas, Gabby and Anna in gabby's district officer skit
 district officer skit (right is the Wilkes county clan... plus Khalil,
we love yall!)
So you wanna be a district officer? workshop
 Free time! lets play some cards! Landon, Khalil, Andrew, Todd and Trevor we love all yall and your escapades! haha
 In Surry County leading kids in minute to win it games
 Camp songs! la la la la
 Gabby, Anna, Brooke, and Luke lookin all snazzy
Our table in Mr. Justin Crowe's class. (awesome teacher!) 
After a long day in fancy clothes! Nathaniel and Guy
1,2,3...Ninja! Anna and Guy 
 Playin cards. (Thanks guys for going after pens that one night!)
 Wilkes county. Anna, Gabby, and Jonathan ready to meet Senator Soucek 
 Thanks Mr. Nelson for taking this! Anna, Guy, Gabby, and Nathan.
Anna and...Kyle! You were very good at cards.  
 Gabby, Ms. Louise (amazing!), Anna and Mollie. 
Mollie! we love our one year get together:)
Anna, Gabby, and the lovely Allyson Brake
 Gabby- Bees "Secret Life of Bees" gollllddd
Anna- Community Service "Are You Sure About Your Color?" golllddd
 Sisters (down to up): Anna, Gabby and Alyse
Wilkes county presenters
 Lincoln County Boys: Cody, Wyatt and Guy.  Missing Joseph.
We love you guys!
 Free time! At the LEGO store building our people
 Awards Reception and Donors Luncheon for Anna's Poultry Production and Preparation
Cumulative record
 The rest of Wilkes county at the service project
 Sorry not flipped!  Wyatt all decked out at the "blue jean ball" ohhh ahhh.
Anna (in curlers!) and Brooke getting ready for the big night at congress

Past West Central District Officers, Brooke, Joseph, and Guy
Incoming West Central District officers: Dallas, Cody, Jonathan and Margo
 Anna, Brooke, and Gabby
Us at the clover gala/candle light ceremony
 our late night with 4-H ice cream!
 Last day... with the famous Joseph Perkins from Lincoln County

 Joseph, Brooke and Guy
Voting day, waiting with Natasha, Brooke and Guy. (love the hat!)
Getting ready to go...
 The Red Dirt Diggers gang
Addison and Andrew:) love yallllll cattle sale next Monday?
Teaching over 1600 youth about heritage gardening. (Are they really listening?)
 The Best! The wonderful Mr. Morris.
 Weston at the county fair
and again. you may be in FFA but we gotta love ya. (Mrs. Jamie said so.) hehe
 The musical group featuring Will, Luke, Daniel, and our very own Jonathan.
beautiful pic. Wyatt, Guy, Gabby, Anna, Ann Marie, ???, and Moriah
mighty strong people! Andrew (Catawba), Guy, and Gabby

             us and Lincoln Guy, Cody, Wyatt, Gabby and Anna      get silly with it.  

These Pictures don't even give a firefly flash of what really took place this past year. It seemed to have gone by so quickly, but so wonderfully. There are not as many pics of some people that we spent a lot of time with, but that will change in 2012. Cattle sale every Monday with the Meeks (weather all the sun or rain), cards, dances, the fake twins, campaigning with duct tape, swing dancin with Todd, goose chasin, febreeze, forks, curfew with Mr. Nelson, stinky feet, pens, ninja, bon qui qui, Boniva Jackson (yall, she does perty hair and makeup), git on outta here, car rides, camp songs, bugs with Brooke, Mason and his brown matching black quirk ;), military size escapades, waterfalls in the fall, roommates, bridges and slippery boots, and hot wax on the feet. All of these are memories, and there will be more like them made in 2012.

The name of this blog perfectly fits what has happened this year, and I know that 4-H has left the largest imprint on our live, other than God and family, and I was so happy to share it with all of you!  It was an amazing, crazy, sometimes tearful, exciting year full of firsts and seconds! I loved the dances and random crazy moments, all the things I learned just from people who are amazing.  I loved what the beautiful miss Sarah Osborne said at Congress during her goodbye speech. About living life without regrets and always saying yes to a dance, opening yourself up to as many experiences as possible, and if you wouldn't do or say it in front of your grandma then it's probably something you shouldn't do. I love my 4-H family and am ready for another great year with all yall! 
"It sure left it's mark on us, we sure left our mark on it. Let the world know we were here....With everything we did! Laid a lot of memories down, yeah we'll always be hangin round."

Anna & Gabby