Monday, March 26, 2012

Like it was Planted Right There for Me to See.

I found this poem and thought yall would like to read it. We didn't write it, but I thought it was beautiful. I'm glad nice weather is here, even though storms have been hitting. I'm excited just knowing the fact, that the little white flowers that I love will be coming up soon. Daisies are simple and beautiful just as they are.

We did take this picture, and I had a little fun with the editing. 
 "God is the greatest artist
To whom no one can compare,
Streaking sunsets very beautiful,
Painting rainbows in the air.

Brushing green the hillside scene,
Blotting blue the sky above,
Splashing flowers 'cross the ground beneath,
Shading white clouds with His glove.

Of the wonders God has made
There is none that is so fair
As the smile He paints upon your face
When you realize He is there."

Anna .V. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Few & Far Between

First and Foremost... Is your volume up?! This title seems to fit so well, for everything that is happening in our 4-H life right now. The song is a perfect fit for what we do and will do in 4-H. We are very blessed to be around such great people! I have said it before, but this is truly a family - a 4-H family- but all the same. It was amazing and a TON of fun hanging out with all yall at Teen Retreat the other weekend. Sadly, this was our last West Central Teen Retreat. The district is splitting up and that means a lot of our family is too... insane I know but sometimes that's what life deals ya. As for this being the last WCD Teen Retreat, I think we all made the absolute best of it! Everyone agree? Our WCD officers did an outstanding job, so a big thank you goes to Cody, Dallas, Margo and Jonathan ( who could not make the trip this time). The workshops we had we exciting and entertaining as always. We had everything from AIRE to Zumba! We were all happy to see that a State officer made it to WCD, Bryan Hartman is creative and outgoing in every way possible, all good don't worry! I loved playin Capture the Flag, and we were lucky to have so many wantin us on their team... just to teach us how to play! Haha, LC yall know yall are Awesome! Yes, that includes fathers as well! Here are some of the goofy, crazy, leadership, public speaking, pier encouragement, team building, self building moments of the weekend. Sorry there are no pics of Zumba but Ruth and Dallas, I had so much fun with you guys there!

Dallas, the WCD President, started off with some awesome
 Minute-To-Win-It Games. Khalil had to rub vasaline on his nose then pick up cotton balls!  

Andrew had to try this one too, but he went for a different approach...

This 4--Her from Mecklenburg was Rocking this competition!!

Anna Marie, Brooke, and Anna are finding out
 their task from Margo, our WCD Reporter.
Orieos!!! 6 on your head in 60 seconds...
Haha! Brroke, tryin to help Anna out? 

Wyatt and Jesse made a great team with the ping pong balls...

But only to be beat by The Dominating Brothers, Moriah and Zion! 

Dallas, Ethan and Angel are wondering why you are
holdin toilet paper.
Hurry Ethan! Wait, is Angel actually in all that
toilet paper?! 

OOOOH! That's why! 

So this was a total blast! I loved it! I got to
play with toilet paper as well...

Only I looked like a chicken flappin around! 

Tiffany was doin her best to stack golf balls, better practice some more! 

"Alyse, get that penny in the fork!" - Dallas
Natasha and Noah went up against each other for some
competition that had everyone up cheerin! 

Noah and Joseph looking for a move
Wyatt, watch out for Guys long arms! 

Scared Guy? Nope, Gabby I'm the one with boots on. haha,
Thanks for not steppin on me Guy! 

WCD Vice President Cody lead the way in TrAiNwReCk.

Guy tellin us all about his trip to National Congress
in a great workshop lead by, our one and only, Nelson.
Ethan tellin about Avian bowl while Joseph
waited to tell about AIRE.

Joseph and Gabby after the workshop

Anyone up for some more Ninja? 

Haha! Look at Cody flyin! I didn't know Nijas flew! 

Not the greatest pic, but this is Bryan our State Secretary/Treasurer
leading a workshop on Team building. 

The magic carpet had to be flipped over, any idears? 

Alyse, Addison and Moriah try to help Anna as she tries to lead
her group without losing anyone! 

More Team building, we had to build words- everyone gettin one card.
Cody, how do I spell Hand again? H -sideways-I NDS? =P

Gabby, Weston and Cody tryin to get a peek at the other teams system. sssshh! 
Here are the Lincoln Guys, love em all!
Ethan, Wyatt, Cody, Guy, and Joseph...Where's Noah? 

Free Time! 
Nice Faces guys haha 

Natasha was beastin it playin football
with the guys

Ethan, Guy and Nicholas playin football. Come on Gabby,
"I do more by 7am than most do all day" TSC special.

Anna and Alyse takin in the sunshine, it always rains at Teen
Retreat, but not this year... anyone else notice? 
Brooke showin us her good side... Love it!
Hey Brook, this is our smile right? :)

Wyatt, bout to break out in dance. He's ready for tonight's dance.
Natasha and Alyse just starin, there are not many words. Guy and Ethan in the back gettin ready to catch a high football throw. 

Mrs. Suzanne!! Listenin to the State game, we all love her! 

The Wilkes-Alleghany- Davie skit for the Spirit stick.
Natasha, Tiffany and Alexis did a great job bein "munchkins" 

We may not have been in West Central District but Toto kept with us,
Angel was too funny playin her part well. 

Weston was the Great and Powerful Oz... What did we all say?

There's no place like 4-H! 

Let it be known that Lincoln County had the absolutely best skit there was to be had! 

Ruth, Ethan, Joseph, Guy, Noah, Emma, Wyatt and Jesse were amazing as they sang "The 4-H Family"

Go here to see what these guys came up with, you will love it!

The 4-H Family- by Lincoln County 4-Hers

Wyatt drove the 4-H van across the stage, Somethin worth watching! 

THING- Played by Jesse 
Mecklenburg County shared their personal testimonies about how
 4-H had helped them,that took a lot to do in front of all our big group! 
As our community service project we cleaned up the camp grounds. Guy was bringin em in! 

Not about to be outdone, Nicholas and Wyatt grabbed this fallen log,.
Sophie and Andrew were gonna give a helpin hand. 

Good goin VP! Cody was amazing, showing effort to his piers. 

Joseph paused long enough for me to get a pic.
Weston and Moriah were goin to town! Awesome job Wilkes County! 

Wyatt and Joseph goin down the hill to show they mean business.

Brooke was more than excited about doin her part in community service. 

Gabby and Anna did alright with the small sticks they could bring in,
right LC guys? haha naw, we might have been beatin them! 
When you need somethin to get the job done, you know what to drive, our service leader knew that. 

All the Lincoln County guys jumped right in to help go unload the limbs all the 4-Hers had hauled. 

Oh yeah, there we go! Not scared of dirt and ready to work! Their Amazing leader,
went along too.Thanks Mr. Kris! 

Riding off down the hill, I'm sure the service
 man was glad to have all the extra help! 

Bryan was proving what a great state officer he was by cleanin up with fellow 4-Hers

Brooke and Anna tellin some story that had everyone crackin

up after the service project.

On a walk around the lake we found this great place and Ruth got
this pic, Thanks Ruth! Ethan, Joseph, Me-Gabby, and Cody. 

Mecklenberg county boys!! Had a great time at Lunch with yall!
 Now I'm sure yall know that I have internet,  and I even know how to use it!

Out on the dock for some more free time. Guy and Wyatt look over the
 beautiful lake. I had a blast with everyone that stuck around for the conversation, fake splinters
 frogs, spitting, and "I lost the game Wyatt" It was amazing!
LC guys out on the dock, Cody, Wyatt, Ethan and Guy.

Cody bein a true leader, and about to teach me how to play Capture the Flag! 

Dancing with the 4-H stars! Wilkes/Lincoln made a great team for this,
we did have an amazing instructor though, Thanks Dallas! 

Stompin our boots in the line dance, up top: Guy, Brooke and Joseph
on bottom: Anna and Gabby

I loved seein the video and pictured of the guys twisting! It made us smile!

Check out the Video of our Dance here. >  Free & Easy

Alyse and Jesse had their own dance to perform with. 

Everyone kept up with the beat nicely. 

We had some real dancers in this all girls team, with Ruth(in her cowboy hat)
 bein the leader of em all! Angel, Wilkes county's own was in the black cowboy hat.

Wyatt being a Beast while he was CREEPIN with Andrew for his Dancing with the
 4-Hers. Man I wish I had a video to show him Creepin! This was the only pic I had.  

The ride home was hilarious! Yall were makin our sides hurt with your backseat dancin skills! 
Still waitin on that idea of yours, Addison.
Something doesn't look exactly right here.
Weston and Addison decided they would try to go gangsta! 

West Central District Teen Retreat was amazing this year. It was sad knowing it was the last, but we had the best group possible to be with! Thanks to the officers who served this year and made it a great experiences for the rest of us.
Yall will be missed! 
We wouldn't have wanted to end this any other way than with Bryan !
We love ya! Brooke, Gabby and Anna. (Better known as"The Twins")
I loved dinner with you, Margo, Dallas and Anna Marie. I know your cravin those  brownies right now. :)

Wilkes/ Lincoln group is the gang that is always together! We all love each other and have had many good times together... not to mention escapades! So much to say, that it's easiest to say that yall know how we feel. Many memories to still be made, many dances with our dance partners, many trips to come and I'm glad to say we have left some marks on 4-H together!

Top: Jesse, Noah, Cody, Wyatt, Ethan, Zion, Moriah, Addison, and Weston.
Bottom: Ruth, Joseph, Guy, Brooke, Gabby, Anna, Alyse, Angel, and Emma.
 I know this is a long post, but there was too much to cut it short. Also with this being the Last West Central District Teen Retreat I thought it deserved more. Thanks to all the Leaders, Agents, and Adults who make this possible. Thank you to our WCD Officers this year, yall were amazing! Margo worked hard at putting together a slide show of the West Central District and one of teen retreat that we got to see a recap on the weekend before we left. Needless to say, it was extraordinary! We love all yall, the ones who talk to us daily and the ones we only see every so often. Yall have a special place in our lives and we're glad to share our life with yall! Everyone of you are amazing and have had an impact on our life. There, that wasn't too sentimental was it? hahaha this has been a journey that holds its place perfectly. Lookin forward to seein all yall at District Activity Day!

Gabby & Anna 

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