Saturday, June 30, 2012

District Activity Day

Wow, let me start by saying the we had all 7 children competing with presentations this year! Each child put together a presentation on a subject of their choice, based on something they have learned through the school year or something new they wanted to try their hand at. In order to go to District Day, held in Alleghany county this year, our presentations had to pass on a county level. Usually a 4-H presentation is about 8-12 minutes long and it consists of poster boards, props, and oral speech.
Alyse did her presentation on Wetlands, Malachi did his on Deer Jerky, Lucca did his on a Hearing Study, Maya did her's on Mom's Spaghetti Sauce, and Victor did his on Letters Numbers Shapes and Colors. Anna did her's a little different this year. She was making French Toast during the presentation to show the protein content of an egg. With her presentation, should she pass state level, she will get to compete in Kentucky on a National level. Mine was also different...someone roped me into grilling. I had to grill Turkey Tenderloin for 1 hour and 15 minutes as well as give a presentation when I was done. (Luckily I had a good grilling partner while I was out there!) Mine has the chance to go to Kentucky as well if I win at the state level.
It's great to say that 5 of us took home a medal! (the two youngest are cloverbuds meaning they don't compete yet) And 4 of the 5 were Gold, we did have one Silver winner but that just means he will have to work a little harder to improve for State level in 3 weeks.
One of the best part of presentations is getting to see everyone else's and show some support, for family and 4-H friends. So it was a great day and everyone really enjoyed it.

My grilling and Joseph set up beside me. 

Anna had a great presentation, set up everything and then
she found out that she forgot her bread...what was she making?
French Toast. 

Dad came to the rescue by getting some bread from the
school cafeteria. :)

The kids waiting on presentations to start.

Lucca is looking sharp beside dad! 

Malachi's presentation went smooth, look out
state, here he comes! 
Maya about to blow the judges away...
Maya and Victor helped each other set cute!
Mrs. Arbie was a great judge.

The family came by while I was grilling to see
what smelled so good. Me, Victor, Maya and

It was time for the awards! Bad picture of me, but here is
Ethan and Nathanael, some great friends who had awesome
presentations, how do I know? They both placed!!

Anna and Khalil hanging out after presentations were over. 
Ruth looked very profesional in the
outfit she made for the fashion portion.

Sophie has one of the cutest dresses!

Anna Marie has a beautiful summer
dress this year. 

Madaline was super cute!

Maya and Victor were so excited they got a ribbon! 

Anna with Gold...did anyone doubt it?

Gabriel placed Gold and looked very nice.

Lucca placed Gold and will go to State.

Another Gold?! Of course! Good goin Alyse.

Malachi placed Silver with his winning grin.

And me...I won Gold with some surprise haha. 

This was the Wilkes group. Left to Right. Bottom: Maya, Lucca,
Victor. Middle: Mrs. Judy, Jonathan, Gabriel, Alyse, Me, Anna, Mrs. Jamie
Top: Zion, Moriah, Logan, Jonathan and Mick.

Everyone was happy with the tun out for District Day!
Gabby .V.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raleigh loves us

Time for the fun! And there was a lot of it. Pictures speak 1000 words. So here is a novel. 

Hanging out outside the rooms


Cards, always

Andrew trying out his photography skills. It could use some work. People are not his strong point. 

I'm thinking they color coordinated
Wyatt, Andrew, and Cody 

More practice??? 

still yellow ;) 

Hall time

Hey Anna Marie!!! :)

This is a nice picture Nathanael 

Very well behaved group -Thank you Nelson, your great! So is Krispy Kreme 

Molllllie!! We love you girl. Wonderful picture


Abbi :)

winning some apples to apples here 

           Goodnight Ms. Jamie:)                        Just Creepin                                   Andrew? 

Just straighteing up LC before they go meet their legislators  

Checking out the new district map with Spencer and Luke... that was a fun bus ride. cricket.......

Thanks Guy. This is a beauty. hahaha

Mollie Madaline Khalil and allyson

Wilkes, Lincoln, Rutherford and Cleavland. Love yall!! We had a fun time :)