Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Citizenship Focus... NC style

I love NC 4-H Citizenship Focus. It is truly amazing. This year was our 3rd year attending and it was 3 days full of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, workshops from sunup to sundown, amazing agents, roommates and awesome funness. 
Monday started off bright and early when Allegheny County picked us up. We were thrilled to ride with them. We got there and said hellllooooss :) then we were off to eat lunch in the dinning room that we would be spending all the meals for 3 days as well as hearing wonderful speakers such as Dr. Marshall Stewart our head clover.
Our State Officers ushered us off to our first of many workshops. This year, we were happy to see a familiar face for a teacher. Tennessee agent... Mr. Justin Crowe. His service learning classes are great. Even though it was the second year in his classes, I learn something new every time. 

Dinner rolled around and we heard 2 4-Hers speak about their Nation Conference trip. 

Laura & Guy

State officers Bryan, Justin and LC 4-Her Guy

Laura, State officers Allyson and Taylor. Love yall! 

That night, we also had a dance and watched a black light performance by the Barrick Brothers.
Getting roommates is always an interesting turnout. It can go both ways. This year, we laughed until we cried... literally. We had Alexander Co.'s Faith and Burke's Mollie. We had fun girls! 

Tuesday morning, we had 3 workshops between breakfast and lunch. We told Mr. Crowe goodbye and how great he was before he headed back to TN. We also had a budget planning class. Sound boring? It wasn't for us! We were "County Commissioners and Clerks". We decided who got what money depending on our budget, their needs, and their reasoning. 
Wyatt, Taylor, Me, Guy and Cody crunching numbers
All the Boards and Departments waiting to hear our decision. 

Wednesday is the highlight of the event! It's the day all 4-Her's have an opportunity to meet their legislators. We were unable to get an exact meeting time with our's before we arrived, but everything worked out perfectly. 
We had a great conversation with Representative Shirley Randleman about our journey in 4-H. I thought it went very well and hope to work with her on some projects soon. 

Rep. Randleman, Me, and Gabby

Senator Dan Soucek is one we were looking forward to this year. We met him for the first time last year, and he left a memorable impression on us. He is awesome! I think it is absolutely amazing he can speak Italian. We were lucky to get the time we did with him this year. 
Come Va Senator Soucek?
Thank you for the time you gave us.

Me, Sen. Dan Soucek, and Gabby

Farewell to NC 4-H Citizenship Focus. We hope to see you next year!!

Find out who represents you at this site, and check out the NC 4-H Citizenship Focus Blog to see what's going on. 
Anna .V. 

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