Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raleigh loves us

Time for the fun! And there was a lot of it. Pictures speak 1000 words. So here is a novel. 

Hanging out outside the rooms


Cards, always

Andrew trying out his photography skills. It could use some work. People are not his strong point. 

I'm thinking they color coordinated
Wyatt, Andrew, and Cody 

More practice??? 

still yellow ;) 

Hall time

Hey Anna Marie!!! :)

This is a nice picture Nathanael 

Very well behaved group -Thank you Nelson, your great! So is Krispy Kreme 

Molllllie!! We love you girl. Wonderful picture


Abbi :)

winning some apples to apples here 

           Goodnight Ms. Jamie:)                        Just Creepin                                   Andrew? 

Just straighteing up LC before they go meet their legislators  

Checking out the new district map with Spencer and Luke... that was a fun bus ride. cricket.......

Thanks Guy. This is a beauty. hahaha

Mollie Madaline Khalil and allyson

Wilkes, Lincoln, Rutherford and Cleavland. Love yall!! We had a fun time :)

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