Sunday, April 28, 2013

Achievement Night 2012!

Achievement night was a blast with our fellow 4-Hers! I was excited to be handing out the awards this year as the President of our teen council club, Future Generations for Change. We have so many youth involved and amazing volunteers to help us all out. Here's to another great year in 4-H!

Anna talking about her GA trip.
            Malachi                                        Lucca                            

Alyse recieving her award- she was on crutches from a sprained ankel.

Anna,       Victor,                                   Maya .

          Moriah                                           Zion                                    
Levi ~ Love his boots! 
Ty, my little boy! 

My daddy getting recognized as
President of the Volunteer Leaders group.
Owen! Too cute
The Future Generations for Change club.
The Red Dirt Diggers gardening club.

 Wonderful Jamie                                 Dedicated Mrs. Arbie                          Roaring River Crazy Clovers
                            All the youth who came and participated were talented and appreciated!

Gabby .V.