Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Can Do It...It's ELECTRIC!

I would say that just about everyone knows this fun song from the 1970s. Now how did it get incorporated into our 4-H blog? After all, 4-H is just a bunch of farmers right? Raising pigs and harvesting corn? Wrong! 4-H is very extensive now a days and flows from agriculture to electricity and everything in between. Last week we went and visited UNC Wilmington for NC 4-H Electric Congress. This is a trip that you have to work hard for, where you are recognized for being the best of the best and of course to be rewarded. Me and Anna came because we did a project record book and we accepted, we had also competed and won 1st place in the local 4-H science fair.
Special Thanks for this amazing event goes to Duke Energy, Progress Energy, and Dominion NC Power. Without them, this event wouldn't be possible and wouldn't show youth that there are exciting and new things going on in the electric fields. 4-H has had to do some re-arranging here lately because of our districts splitting but without that happening we wouldn't have had the greatest opportunity of meeting all these North Central people! They really helped make our 1st Electric Congress memorable and something to look forward to this whole next year! Thank yall!
I want everyone to see what this is about in more detail and to get more people involved in 4-H this year, so go check it out and see if it's for you. NC 4-H Electric Congress
Anna is finally awake...
Our morning began at 5:30 am. :) 

Our first day we went to different areas to
see what the work field was like and this was
one of the electric cars. 
UNC Wilmington was a Beautiful place!!
Sibling Rivalry between Trey and Sheyanne :) 
Sheyanne and Anna Marie having a dance off on free time

Playin Pool with Hunter, Wyatt and Sophie

Looks like the girl can hold her own between all of them...
Hunter decided it was too hot walking around campus so he
ran through a couple sprinklers. 
 A great workshop where we mixed some chemicals to see a fuel reaction that could be used safely out in the fields, an importance in this day and time. Our teacher was a professor from NC State and on our team was a North Central 4-Her, G.
This was amazing! For free time we got to hit the aquarium
at Fort Fisher and there was so much to see! 

Jamie's nail salon was open on the bus rides, blue sharpie is
the way to go! Good choice Anna. 

Anna could make a mighty handsome mustache if need be. 
Schunke acting as an airplane...

Another highlight of the tip was a cruise in the the intercoastal
waterways. Oh it was beautiful! Everyone was excited and it was
a first for two girls from out in the backwoods. 

There was cards going every which way Josh seems like
he was enjoying himself.
What would a cruise be without an amazing 4-H dance?! 

Trey, Cody, and Jada overlooking the waters.

Ending the cruise, Josh, Stuart, Jamie and Anna.

Our amazing 4-H President Allyson <3 We had a great year
with you!! <3 The Twins

The Bus ride home (Charter Bus by the way) was ummm...
Well, I'm not sure there are enough words. We could sum it up
by saying that there was a lot of music played and a lot of friendships
made! Thanks Nobel for the card tricks, Joey for the music and Jacob
for just being you and singing along with us as loud as you could! 

We LOVED this trip and encourage anyone to go if you get the chance, Work for it!   
Gabby .V.