Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Weekend in Durham

Every February, Mom and Dad have a 4-H trip. No, it's not our trip... it is actually a trip for the Volunteer Leader's Association. Can you believe it?! Adults have to have fun once in a while I reckon. It's a good thing they go to. Dad holds positions in both district and state levels. They attend multiple workshops, much like we do. This year, they took some working with wool classes. They were so excited to learn all about felting and making their own drop spindle. 
So, where do we go while momma and pappa are at this 3 day conference in Raleigh? To Durham. Yep, we have family there and they keep us the weekend. Just thought I would share some pics from our eventful trip. 

The previous week, I started the incubation of chicks. The temperature had to stay at 100 degrees, and the eggs had to be turned 3 times a day. There was no leaving these biddies-to-be at home! Imagine... a 15 passenger van full of kids, back packed with luggage for all 9 of us, an incubator with an extension cord running from front to back of van, and an empty dog kennel for reasons you will soon learn. 

When we got to Durham, the first thing we did was went to the Life and Science Museum. We love their outside exhibits as well as the Butterfly building. 

The side of the building... gorgeous! 

Going into the butterfly exhibit

Fascinated with the penny flatener machine

Awwww... so sweet!

Catching up on some photography.
Dad and Maya
Aren't these little guys sooo cool? I fell in love with them.

Learning something on the dino trail

Looking for shark teeth and other fossil like things. (I found one! I was so excited)

Did we follow the rules?? Yes! There was a dino we were aloud to climb on

Sunny nice day it was!


Just goin for a ride...


Maya and Alyse havin some fun

Lucca, Maya and Malachi. "Why won't it go faster?"

No, that's not a dino hovering over us, it's an oversized dog!

Jersey Bull!
The Venturini gang

So after we left the museum, we went down the the Eno Eatery. It was nice to get some food after the long drive.

Victor enjoying some pizzzza
 We went to Five Below where there was shocking gum. Literally. Up above is my cousin, Libby, and I pulling it at the same time. Yes, my eyes are closed... we were laughing a bit to much for pictures to be taken.  

This is us and 2 of our cousins. 

Well, our adventures in the big city made us thankful for little small town Wilkes. 

Anna .V.

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