Friday, May 25, 2012

Plants, Friends & Competition

This May was our North Carolina State Horticulture Competition. It has taken awhile to get ourselves prepared to compete. This was actually our 3rd year participating in the hort competition. It's exciting and if you're a plant geek like me then you would love this. Farmers, Gardeners, Survivalists, Outdoorsy people and Naturalists alike would all take interest in this topic and I encourage you to learn more.
It takes a few months to prepare for the competition. There are 3 different parts of the competition that test your knowledge on the subject. You have to learn to identify 4 categories: Flowers & Indoor plants, Vegetables, Landscape Ornamentals, and Fruits, Nuts & Berries. For each category there are 25 items to identify by leaves, stems, fruit, seeds, roots, bulbs and flowers. Then there is a judging potion where there will be 4 plates of say, Blueberries, that you have to look at and decide which plate looks best and more unified compared to the others. Label them best to worst and you're ready for the 3rd portion of the test. This includes the written portion, a test composed of 80 true/false and multiple choice questions.
Every year the winning senior team and the winning senior individual get to compete at the national level and each year this state the national level is held in is changed. Last year it was in San Francisco and this year it was in Wisconsin. Our team did our best, we even had a new member added to our team and it was good competition. Sadly we only placed 3rd in State, meaning no Wisconsin. Disappointment? Yes. Will we live? Yes. Alyse did compete as a junior individual and was awarded 1st over all in her division. Friends of ours from another county competed for their first time this year and placed 2nd as a junior team! It is always exciting to see new interest in horticulture and already making such great progress.
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                 Most everything is the same despite the dates shown, it would be great
                       for you to contact Liz Driscollif you have any further questions :) 

Wilkes Horticulture Team: Moriah, Gabby, Anna & Alyse
Look out Raleigh! Here comes Lincoln County 4-H!
Congratulations to Joseph, Daniel & Noah! 
The Senior Team placed 3rd in State 
Alyse was the highest placing Junior there! 

    Many thanks to our instructors and team members!
Mr. Morris, Moriah, Alyse, Gabby, Anna & Mr. Bill

The Junior in the ID room with
100 plants to judge.
The Lincoln guys did great for their first Hort. Competition!
Noah, Joseph & Daniel


Along with the competition there was a special honor received by me from Mrs. Liz. Back in February I had written a honey bee essay that was part of a state competition that would lead to nationals. I am very happy to share with yall that I am the State Winner of the essay contest. It was great and Mrs. Liz took the opportunity to have me share about it and she presented me with an award from the State Beekeepers Association.  :) Thanks Mrs. Liz!! 

Gabby .V.

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