Saturday, May 12, 2012

Expresss Yourself

A couple weeks ago was our 4-H talent show. Yes.... I'm late at uploading it on here, but better late than never? We have put "talent" into this show like everyone else competing for the past few years. 
This year, the boys, Gabby and I decided to be funny. 
The boys had an act put together with Lucca being the puppet 
and Malachi being a ventriloquist. 
Before "Rusty" was awakened 
I love the outfit. 
Gabby and I did a bit of acting too. We get along great, so what better way to show our team work than to be 'better' than each other? We performed the Anything you can do I can do better song from Annie Get Your Gun. 

No you can't! Yes I Can! 
I can do most anything! 
We weren't the best of the best... but we had fun, and that's what our goal was. 


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