Friday, May 4, 2012

Blooming Beauty - RDD Style

Yall know this is a blog all about 4-H. The big things and the little. Well, our club had the field trip -as seen in previous post- and I wanted to make sure everyone knew what we were. Red Dirt Diggers is a youth gardening club. (Mission Statement!) We want to learn more, a Lot more, before we go into business full force.  While in Asheville we took the chance to go to the wonderful Arboretum they have there. Everything was in bloom around Asheville, and with that area already being so creative and artsy it made the journey even better! Mrs. Jamie also made sure that we got into the "experience" with our eating endeavor. So we went to the Mellow Mushroom and had a blast! The food was delicioso!
                                                                   Pictures from our Journey

A small cherry Bonsai tree, very bright and beautiful :)
These were Bonsai trees, so many varieties!
Our club president loved them, right Addison?

Anna and Mrs. Jamie admiring every little plant. 
A Bonsai tree exhibit was going on, there were sooo many! 

The group coming out of the green houses . 

This would be the great and massive Ashville Arboretum.

This was the entrance, and it had
everyone's attention. 

Haha! Prez Addison loves his picture take, VP Anna
excited to see what's behind him! :)

Inside there was an exhibit on poisonous flowers, some of the
you would never guess were harmful.... like geraniums. 
Mr. Morris and Addison discussing the wide "domestic" range
of killer flowers. 

This was just an awesome shed that was on the property,
we thought it was cool and we think we need one! 

Morriah trying to I wash my hands,
or water the flowers? 

Beautiful isn't it? 
Inside there were benches and vines and unbelievable archways. 
Mrs. Jamie and Anna, looking like models. :) Very Pretty

This was the view of the green house attached to the Arboretum. 

Our Prez!! A little confused on which path to
take for our walk in the woods. Ummm, Mr. Morris?

Sorry Addison, he's busy talkin to a snake we found. 

Four of our RDD members are Horticulture Judging members as well. Anna and Alyse were
studying the different leaves shown, Morriah and  myself are the other two Hort. team members. 

"These boys..." They found another creature in the woods :)

We were all trying to figure out which way to go,
 what path this time Addison?

The Meeks brothers, Addison is a little too tall isn't he Eli? 

That would be a really cool stone bench I saw, and that
 would be me. I'm not in many of the photos because I am the
 historian of our club, and I do my job better behind the camera :) 
This was a statue made of Iron and it was
really neat to see how much was put into it. 

Here is another earthy, creative bench. Love the way the trees wrap around it. 

The waterfalls at the Arboretum were beautiful! 

Mrs. Julie and Eli enjoying the sun  :)

After that walk it was nice to cool off by the ponds, or on the
stepping stones. 

We took a group picture infront of this and all of us stepped away
with some water on our backs from the wind that caught the waterfall! 

As we were leaving we crossed over this bridge, the whole day was nice
and beautiful at the Asheville Arboretum.

A BIG Thank You to Mr. Morris, he is our volunteer leader, and the
best we could ask for. He deals with everything we have and gives it
right back sometimes. He is a great traffic stopper as well. :) 

Gabby .V. 


  1. Yes I loved the bansia trees or plants =)
    Well im not very good with directions

  2. Maybe a bansia tree will be our new project in RDD...As long as we stay ON the path we should be fine :)